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awarenessData is still the lifeblood of your business – an integral part of your organisation and it influences your strategic decisions.

Your company can gather a wealth of data from businesses and consumers alike to help target your message – but the aim is not always to drive immediate sales. Data should assist in personalised marketing to gain a better picture of who your future customers could be.

How accurate it is depends upon many factors, from the day it was acquired to the last time it was updated.

The cost to your business both in terms of monetary value and reputation can be measured through what data you hold and your customers.

We can assist you by updating, cleansing and validating fragmented databases across various platforms; (Excel , CSV, etc) ensuring they remain concise, accurate and up to date; enabling your company to gain the best competitive edge when you engage with your target audience in line with current & future Data Protection laws.

processingWe manage tens to millions of UK and Worldwide records for our clients. Analysing all imported data and provide an audit for inaccuracies, anomalies and duplicated records in a secure processing environment in line with current & future Data Protection laws.

In many cases, existing data is fragmented and spread over many platforms (e.g. Spreadsheets to CRM systems) and is incomplete. Whilst organisations are acutely aware that data accuracy is important, it is worth considering the actual cost to a businesses bottom line when failing to maintain correct records across many disparate platforms.

This process is essential to ensure that, when utilising your data for marketing campaigns, it is reliable!

For both consumer records and business data (where applicable) – we cross reference your data with National and international consumer and business files.

We offer a global data cleansing service for many countries worldwide.

In the UK alone, the Royal Mail estimates that 37% of business records will be out of date within 12 months – translate that figure worldwide and the cost to your business of relying on old inaccurate data, both in monetary and reputation terms, could be huge!

By keeping data current & and legal – The Data Factory saves you the associated costs which would be borne by continuing to send information to inaccurate customers.

Each time you contact the ‘wrong person’, your company’s reputation suffers and your database requires constant updating to avoid this & it could save you a Data Breach too!

On top of this, processing a complete and up to date database will save you costs, by minimising wastage in postage and overprinting.

analysis_2We can take the ‘raw data’ and transform it into descriptive statistics, which will instantly provide you with an easy to understand visual interpretation.

Clean, relevant, legal and accessible data is a good starting point for building closer, more profitable customer relationships.

However to make the most of it, you have to understand exactly what information you have and the best way to generate value from it.

We use a combination of segmentation analysis, profiling and modelling, in order to:

  • Identify your best customers
  • Reduce Targeting costs
  • Build greater customer loyalty
  • Improve response rates
  • Increase profit

Our analysis provides everything you need to gain a true insight into the meaning of your data, turning it into a valuable resource for long term growth and profit.

bars_boardWe have all seen the usage of ‘lifestyle’ data to enhance client and customer databases. But, what does it really mean and how can you truly use it to your advantage?

The accuracy of your data is surely the key to marketing your products and services to potential customers.

Data profiling is the method of examining the data available in a database and collecting statistics and information about that data which help to identify its use and data quality. This method is widely used in data warehousing & viewing ‘Big Data’.

Data profiling clarifies the structure, relationship, content and derivation rules of data, which help in the understanding of anomalies and uses different kinds of descriptive statistics including mean, minimum, maximum, percentile, frequency and other aggregates such as count and sum.

The additional information obtained during profiling is data type, length, discrete values, uniqueness and abstract type recognition, which all in all assist with Analysis and future planning. Profiling is an essential activity of any Data Quality, Master Data Management or Data Governance System.

We are passionate about offering our clients the right service for all their data needs!

planningOur solutions are extremely flexible and can be customised to meet your precise requirements. Whether you’re looking for stand-alone Data Processing or full Campaign Management – we have the right tools and people to make it happen.

Effective Direct marketing is dependent upon your ability to successfully control, co-ordinate and target your communications at every level, through every channel.

By providing a comprehensive service for your entire project (e.g. Data Capture to Fulfillment, Production and Campaign Analysis), we can provide the most accurate, cost effective solution to your requirements at a fraction of the cost of multiple outsourcing.



Take advantage of using our Marketing Campaign Management Service and we’ll measure how accurately it’s worked and identify areas which can be improved and refined for your next campaign.

Richard Newell (MD) – The Data Factory

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We are passionate about delivering quality data and providing a comprehensive campaign management service.

We’ve been around now for over 16 years, working with national and international organisations, large and small conquering the challenges of effectively targeting their audiences.

We’ve gained the know-how to deliver effective solutions, whilst offering that ‘personal’ service which many companies lack; customised to meet our client specific needs.


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